Our Furniture

Chosson and Kallah Furniture is trusted furniture company since 1999 and has a 15 year satisfaction award.


Our dedicated team spends time in Asia to secure that the customers get the best quality products. In addition, we have a full time QC inspector in the factories in Asia, and a full team in the USA.


To begin the manufacturing process, the production factory will create a sketch for us to approve. We then select the veneer combinations, and adjust the structure of the furniture to make sure it meets Chosson & Kallah standards; easier said than done.

Next, we start to build a sample. We first dry the solid wood to get it ready for carving, and start working on the parquetry work; putting together the veneer with the flowers and the boarders.

At this stage the solid wood is ready for carving and at the same time we lay up the veneers on boards. Once it’s done, we put together the carving with board, and assemble the furniture.

After sanding all the details of the furniture, (this is a very important step to make the furniture perfect) the furniture is put back in the drying room for another 2-3 days.

Then we put on the color on the furniture, apply 3-4 coats of sealer, and slightly sand it between each coat of sealer – the amount will depend what type of veneer is on the set; the more open the wood grain is, the more sealer it will need.

Then comes the last sanding before topcoat, the surface of the wood has to be 100% perfect. The topcoat is the final finish, and we dry it for about two days. Now we can finally start the assembling process of installing the drawers, attaching the handles, hanging the doors on the armoire, and installing the mirrors.

For the final packaging, the carton has to have the right color code, lot number, and description before it gets wrapped around with soft foam, hard foam, and then with strong cardboard for extra protection. After production, we bring the samples to the customers, and let the furniture speak for itself.